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Some disasters that plague people are unavoidable, as they’re acts of nature. The plagues which are avoidable are human made. Amongst them is genocide.

Each April 24 nations all over the world commemorate the genocide of the Armenians dedicated by the Ottoman regime in 1915. The 2 nations that ought to be main public commemoration of the tragedy usually are not amongst them. The 2 nations are Turkey and Israel. 


Since its inception in 1923 the Turkish Republic has denied intentional mass homicide of the Armenians occurred. It has even gone as far as to make the preposterous declare that Armenians dedicated genocide towards Turks. The tallest monument in Turkey is seen from over the border in the Republic of Armenia. It’s devoted to the “Martyred Turks Massacred by Armenians.” 

The tallest monument in Turkey is visible from over the border in the Republic of Armenia. It is dedicated to the “Martyred Turks Massacred by Armenians.”

Even supposing its personal basis in 1948 was accelerated by the Nazi genocide of Jews, the State of Israel additionally doesn’t bear in mind the Armenian genocide. The Jewish state ought to be the primary to acknowledge genocide wherever it happens. Nevertheless it prefers official silence to antagonizing its navy and financial ally, irrespective of the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel rhetoric of Turkey’s present chief.

Most shocking is that Turkish and Israeli genocide denial has been facilitated by Turkish Jews. Regardless of their very own lengthy, sorry file of struggling discrimination and occasional violence within the Turkish Republic, for many years Turkish Jewish leaders have been amongst Turkey’s most dependable brokers of genocide denial. Why is that?


The leaders of Turkish Jewry decided that one of the simplest ways to ensure the continued existence of the dwindling, insecure neighborhood is to reveal their loyal loyalty to the state. The acid check for proving themselves helpful allies is to agitate towards genocide recognition in Israel, Europe, and the US.

This historical past of alliance between Turkish Jewish management and Turkey’s regime goes again to when the territory dominated by the Turkish Republic immediately was a part of the Ottoman Empire.

The Ottoman Empire allowed tens of hundreds of Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal on the finish of the fifteenth century to stay with few hindrances. Grateful Jews depicted the Ottoman sultan as their savior, fulfilling a divine plan. 


Within the nineteenth century, Ottoman Jewish intellectuals recycled pre-modern views. They transformed the sultan, and by extension all Turks, into tolerant hosts of their Jewish “visitors.” In 1892, through the 4 hundredth anniversary of the 1492 “welcome” given Iberian Jewry, Ottoman Jews started to publicize the Turk as humanitarian protector. This occurred alongside the primary massacres of Armenians. Selling themselves as loyal topics of the sultan, Ottoman Jewish leaders sided with Sultan Abdülhamid II towards Armenians, who turned their frequent enemy. 

Armenians executed in a public square in Constantinople in a photo taken by Armin Wegner, a German soldier stationed in the Ottoman Empire investigating reports of Armenian massacres

After the genocide in 1915, modern concern and anxiousness was added to the Turkish Jewish emotional state of historic gratefulness. Within the Turkish Republic, constructed within the ashes of the Ottoman Empire, anti-Jewish press campaigns, pogroms, and exorbitant taxation led to the lack of lives, wealth, and property.

Throughout World Conflict II hundreds of Turkish Jews perished in Nazi camps in occupied Europe as a result of Turkey didn’t acknowledge them as residents. Assassination makes an attempt of Jewish leaders and repeated lethal synagogue bombings have occurred because the 1980s. 


Regardless of their expertise, in 1989 Turkish Jewish elites working along with the Turkish presidency and international ministry  established the Quincentennial Basis. It celebrated “5 hundred years of friendship” between Turks and Jews. Its proponents promoted the identical inventory figures of tolerant Turks and dependable Jews. 

People walk past by Kumbet mosque, formerly an Armenian Apostolic church known as Church of the Twelve Apostles, in the eastern city of Kars, Turkey. February 1, 2020

To advocate a fantasy of 5 hundred years of concord, essentially the most influential Jewish leaders inside Turkey – chief rabbis David Asseo and Ishak Haleva, the editors in chief of the Jewish weekly Salom and lay leaders comparable to industrialist Jak Kamhi andformer Jewish neighborhood president Bensiyon Pinto – opposed recognition of the Armenian genocide. 

They have been joined by supporters in Israel (together with presidents Shimon Peres and Moshe Katzav, in addition to the Overseas Ministry, and the Union of Turkish Immigrants in Israel) and nearly each main American Jewish organisation, together with the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee, and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, and essentially the most influential Jewish historians of the Ottoman Empire, Bernard Lewis and Stanford Shaw.


Additionally they denied the existence of Turkish anti-Semitism. Of their view, genocide is an if/then proposition: if one accepts that Turks and Jews have lived in peace and brotherhood for 5 hundred years, then one trusts that Turks couldn’t presumably have perpetrated a genocide towards the Armenians.  

In the US Congress the spell of this delusion has lastly been damaged. On October 29, 2019, the Home of Representatives passed a resolution sponsored by Jewish-American Congressman Adam Schiff recognizing the 1915 Ottoman annihilation of Armenians as a genocide. On December 12, the Senate unanimously adopted the same decision.


Turkish President Recep Tayyib Erdogan’s anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, authoritarian crackdown on dissent, anti-Israel stance, and incursion into Syria to expel Kurds made the scales fall from their eyes. Regardless of Turkish state threats and Turkish Jewish lobbying, Congress has lastly acknowledged the truth that in 1915 the Ottoman Empire deliberately annihilated its Armenian topics.


A number of main Jewish-American organizations have additionally lately acknowledged the genocide, together with erstwhile skeptics such because the ADL and AJC. There are winds of change in Israel, too. What such actions will imply for the way forward for the historic Turkish-Jewish alliance is unclear.  

One factor is for certain: Armenians and Jews, two teams whose related historical past makes them pure allies, will enhance their relationship which was harmed by a long time of denial carried out partially by a number of the latter’s co-religionists. 

Marc David Baer is Professor of Worldwide Historical past on the London College of Economics and Political Science. His most up-to-date e-book is “Sultanic Saviors and Tolerant Turks: Writing Ottoman Jewish Historical past, Denying the Armenian Genocide” (Indiana, 2020)