Straight Pleasure: Large error made by these collaborating in Boston march

On Saturday, a number of hundred individuals marched by way of the US metropolis of Boston as a part of a “Straight Pleasure” parade.

OK, it’s not the 10,000 that participate in Sydney’s Mardi Gras nor the 300,000 that line Oxford Road to look at it, however full marks for effort.

Look, and why not? America, like Australia, is a free nation. Protest is allowed. Even when it’s celebrating one thing as intrinsic as heterosexuality. It’s like having delight in brown eyes, which most people sport.

But when that’s your factor, and also you’re not wishing hurt on anybody else, go for it.

Nonetheless, the protesters in Boston — who have been far outnumbered by individuals who thought their march was, at greatest, a bit odd — have missed a very key level.

They’ve ignored the very fact Mardi Gras and different Pleasure marches aren’t actually about being “proud” of 1’s sexuality in any respect. And in addition that their “straight flag” is sort of an identical to the transgender and bisexual flags. It’s all a bit embarrassing actually.

Marchers take part in the "Straight Pride" parade in Boston. Picture: Joseph PREZIOSO / AFP.
media_cameraMarchers participate within the “Straight Pleasure” parade in Boston. Image: Joseph PREZIOSO / AFP.

The organisers insisted it was only a little bit of enjoyable: “nobody here’s a hater,” mentioned one, however the group behind it has link to far-right groups.

“We love being straight,” mentioned organiser John Hugo, reported USA Today.

“We love being procreators and having relationships between women and men. We expect it’s pure. That’s all. Nothing difficult.”

Nicely, that’s the factor John. Homosexual individuals are pure too and I haven’t met any which are “anti- creators.” In any case, the primary creators of homosexual individuals are straight individuals. Lengthy could our heterosexuals cousins do some candy creating!

Homosexual individuals are no extra “anti-creation” than left handed individuals are anti right-handed individuals. They’re simply homosexual. Nothing difficult, John.

It’s pleasing that these protesters discovered a lot inspiration from homosexual delight parades. The flags, the floats, the music. We’re glad to have been of service.

However why cease at simply the enjoyable, frilly bits of Pleasure? Why don’t the Straight Pleasure contributors go the entire hog?

The primary New York Pleasure sprung from a deep nicely of anger after the bars the place homosexual individuals went to really feel secure have been continuously raided by the police with patrons harassed and overwhelmed up.

Equally, Sydney’s Mardi Gras dates again to a march by way of Darlinghurst and King Cross in 1978 the place participants were assaulted by police and thrown in jail.

To get the complete Pleasure expertise, why don’t the Straight Pleasure organisers encourage the police to smash up their bars and harass them?

Pleasure marches originate from a time when gay relationships have been unlawful. When was the final time the Straight Pleasure marchers acquired thrown in jail due to who they love? Oh, by no means, you say. Attention-grabbing.

Have any of the Straight Priders had their neighborhood hollowed out by a illness, analysis into which was underfunded as a result of the powers that be determined they have been expendable?

After they got here out as straight, did their dad and mom sigh, and even cry, in disappointment? Did they get chucked out of residence?

Have they ever apprehensive about being thrown off a cliff, like what occurred within the 1980s and 90s in Sydney, due to their heterosexuality?

If the proudly married males of Straight Pleasure would really prefer to revel within the expertise, how about getting individuals they’ve by no means met earlier than they usually’ve executed completely nothing to, to insult them in the street just for holding their wife’s hand? It’ll be a blast.

That’s the factor about delight — it goes hand-in-hand with prejudice. You’ll be able to’t have all of the enjoyable of the march with not one of the battle that led as much as it.

One of the signs at Straight Parade, inspired by the Trump campaign. Picture: Scott Eisen/Getty Images/AFP.
media_cameraOne of many indicators at Straight Parade, impressed by the Trump marketing campaign. Image: Scott Eisen/Getty Pictures/AFP.
Who is going to tell the marchers that their “Straight Pride” flag is almost identical to both the transgender and bisexual flags? Picture: Scott Eisen/Getty Images/AFP/
media_cameraWho’s going to inform the marchers that their “Straight Pleasure” flag is sort of an identical to each the transgender and bisexual flags? Image: Scott Eisen/Getty Pictures/AFP/
The very similar flag used by many in the transgender community. Picture: Joseph PREZIOSO / AFP.
media_cameraThe very related flag utilized by many within the transgender neighborhood. Image: Joseph PREZIOSO / AFP.


It’s the important thing level the Straight Priders are lacking. Homosexual Pleasure isn’t actually to do with having delight in one thing as innate as sexuality. Why have delight in, for most individuals, an unchanging attribute?

Fairly Homosexual Pleasure, is delight in having made it. Having pushed by way of, regardless of being in a minority, regardless of being excluded, regardless of legal guidelines designed to belittle you, and regardless of — usually — being victims of homophobia.

Marching is a mark within the sand saying, regardless of all of it, I’m nonetheless right here and I’m not going anyplace.

Mark Sahady, one other Straight Parade organiser, remarked: “Whether or not you might be straight and a part of the oppressed majority, or right here as an ally, we welcome you to the greatest parade in the history of the world.”

“Best parade”? Pfft. He clearly didn’t see Cher at Mardi Gras 2018.

However “oppressed majority”? Oppressed majority, my arse. How has any regulation change that made the world extra equitable oppressed heterosexuals? Until, with the ability to now not sack individuals or give them a thump as a result of they’re homosexual is now thought of “oppression”?

Sydney’s Mardi Gras. Now this is how you do a Pride parade. Picture: Tracey Nearmy/Sunday Telegraph
media_cameraSydney’s Mardi Gras. Now that is the way you do a Pleasure parade. Image: Tracey Nearmy/Sunday Telegraph
Kylie Minogue at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade. Picture: Damian Shaw
media_cameraKylie Minogue on the Sydney Homosexual and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade. Image: Damian Shaw
Revellers at Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Picture: Tracey Nearmy/Sunday Telegraph
media_cameraRevellers at Sydney Homosexual and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Image: Tracey Nearmy/Sunday Telegraph


The actual Straight Pleasure is throughout us. It’s not sooner or later of the 12 months, it’s 365 of them.

Straight Pleasure stares down at homosexual individuals from billboards with joyful hetro on; sings to us from automotive radios as pop songs idolise younger lovers, and we take in it from nearly each romantic storyline from each soapie.

And that’s OK. Straights make up 95 per cent of the inhabitants. They’re the overwhelming majority. It simply makes advertising and marketing sense to point out heterosexuals. However an advert right here or there exhibiting lesbians is just not oppression, Mark, it’s illustration.

And relating to all these “oppressive” new legal guidelines, nicely it’s heterosexuals doing that too.

It was principally heterosexuals who determined whether or not gays may marry in Australia. And so they overwhelming mentioned, yeah, go for it.

Straight Pleasure has been tried right here — in the course of the wedding debate and, provocatively, in Darlinghurst.

About eight individuals turned up. As a result of most Australians don’t purchase the dodgy deal that Straight Pleasure is spruiking. That homosexual individuals are some type of “different” divided from the remainder of society. Homosexual individuals are the little kids, work colleagues and pals we see day by day. We’ve gone to their weddings for years, now they’re fortunately accepting wedding ceremony invitations to ours.

So, have your Straight Pleasure parade. Be happy. Carry your awkward “straight flag” for those who should. Play your tunes. Perhaps even throw some glitter. Hell, invite Kylie.

However except you might be actually being oppressed, then don’t thoughts me if I stroll on by, holding my associate’s hand, a easy political act that generations in the past actually was revolutionary. And the marking of which actually does deserve its personal parade.

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