Routine offender faces cost after assaulting Midland guard


An inmate of the Midland County Jail might have one other offense added to his document after assaulting one of many jail’s staff.

Ronnie Frederickson appeared in court docket for an examination on Tuesday earlier than Decide Michael Carpenter of the 75th Circuit Courtroom. Frederickson is charged with the assault of a jail worker, stemming from a bodily confrontation with a jail deputy on Might 10, 2019, at which era Frederickson was in jail for a house invasion cost.

The case was prosecuted by lawyer Joseph Amend. Frederickson was represented by lawyer Dan Duke.

Carpenter dominated that the case will go earlier than the 42nd Circuit Courtroom at a later date. Duke entered a “not responsible” plea on Frederickson’s behalf.

Deputy Joshua Saylor of the Midland County Sheriff’s Workplace’s jail division — who was the worker assaulted by Frederickson — appeared in court docket as a witness.

On the time of the assault, Saylor was distributing meals to residents of the “E-Pod” space of the jail, which is separated right into a prime tier and backside tier. Frederickson was housed within the backside tier.

Saylor stated when he approached Frederickson’s cell, he seen a bowl on the ground, which he suggested pod staff to picked up and place on a close-by desk. Saylor stated it was at the moment he gave Frederickson a warning about sharing meals with different inmates.

The scenario repeated itself a second time, after which Saylor stated Frederickson had ran throughout the room to retrieve the bowl from the desk earlier than making “some kind of gesture” at Saylor, who was within the “tower” space of the pod.

Saylor then addressed Frederickson in his cell via an intercom system, informing him he can be written up.

When Saylor entered the vestibule space situated between the primary door of the pod and a hallway, Frederickson was ready for him on the opposite aspect of the door.

“After I received to the second door within the vestibule, Mr. Frederickson was there to satisfy me, together with his oranges pulled down, in a threatening stance,” Saylor stated.

Frederickson had eliminated the highest half of his two-piece orange jumpsuit, in addition to his white undershirt, and was standing bare-chested with a foot positioned ahead and his fists clenched. Although Saylor doesn’t bear in mind precisely what Frederickson stated at that time, he recalled it being one thing to the impact of difficult him to a battle.

Frederickson then moved via the vestibule and began “throwing a number of haymakers,” from which Saylor defended himself by dodging and blocking the punches. Throughout the battle, Saylor stated he and Frederickson fell via a second door, with Frederickson on prime of him. At that time, further deputies had arrived and “tased” Frederickson earlier than separating him from Saylor.

The cost of assault of a jail worker carries a conviction of as much as 5 years in jail and as much as $2,500 in fines, along with court docket prices. On account of Frederickson’s standing as a ordinary offender with at the very least 4 prior felonies, he might face a conviction of as much as life in jail.

Earlier convictions in opposition to Frederickson embody three costs from 2005 — fleeing/alluding a police officer, possession of managed substances and larceny from a constructing — and three 2006 costs together with resisting/obstructing a police officer, possession of managed substance and analogues and residential invasion within the third diploma.