Does your tomato lose its taste within the fridge in a single day? – Science & Well being

Lastly! Science has lastly introduced us the reply to an issue retaining individuals awake at night time the world huge. Ought to tomatoes be saved within the fridge or not? The reply is resounding: It doesn’t matter.

Good to know; thanks, researchers from the College of Göttingen, publishing in the journal Frontiers in Plant Science.


The argument has been whether or not chilling ripe tomatoes impairs their taste, aroma or sensory message. Some argue that sticking ripe tomatoes within the fridge makes them style like cardboard. Others say it doesn’t. Enter science.

After a battery of exams by chemical evaluation and “a skilled panel” of individuals, the analysis group of Larissa Kanski, Marcel Naumann and Prof. Elke Pawelzik concluded that the flavour of the fruit relies upon totally on pressure, not storage routine.

Put in any other case: Chilling might scale back taste in tomato x as a result of risky compounds related to taste are sensitive to temperatures below 12 degrees Celsius (53.6 Fahrenheit). However the chief parameter is whether or not tomato x is flavorful within the first place. In case you don’t prefer it chilled, you gained’t prefer it contemporary both.


The scientists from Göttingen, Germany, had been spurred to their analysis by ever-mounting client grousing that tomatoes simply don’t style like they used to. Plenty of work has gone into investigating the vagaries of the tomato provide chain (together with chilling). No work had gone into how customers deal with the fruit after it reaches their possession.

So the researchers requested, might it’s that dwelling refrigeration (at 7 levels Celsius, versus room temperature of 20 levels Celsius) ruins our expertise of the tomato?

To look at this conundrum, the group regarded into “the influence of two family storage regimes on the risky profile and vital flavor-related compounds” of mentioned tomato, utilizing newly developed breeds and the tomatoes underlying the brand new breeds (their “guardian cultivars”).


Aroma was measured scientifically; the “sensory attributes” of the fruits had been described by a skilled “sensory panel” of individuals.

What do members of a sensory panel do? They’re “skilled and skilled assessors who use their senses to understand and consider the sensory properties of merchandise. Amongst different attributes, this panel examined the discernible sweetness, acidity and juiciness of tomatoes,” the group explains.

The panel discovered no perceptible variations within the taste of ripe tomatoes primarily based on how they had been saved from farm to fork – and considering the chain of harvesting in that journey. “The number of tomato is far more vital,” the panel guidelines.


So in case you don’t like immediately’s tomatoes, don’t blame your fridge, test different variants. Lead creator Kanski qualifies, nonetheless, that the quicker you eat tomatoes after their harvest, the higher they style, wherever they had been saved. The tomatoes they examined had been off the vine for as much as 4 days.

It’s true that mass-production breeding applications and protracted refrigeration have been accused of specializing in shelf lifetime of the picked tomato fairly than its taste qualities.

And it’s positively true that completely different strains of tomato style radically completely different. The so-called chocolate brown-red-streaked cherry tomato grown in Israel is kind of candy, although chocolaty it isn’t. Beefsteak tomatoes have a weak taste profile except they’re inexperienced, after they’re tangy. Roma, or plum, and crimson cherry tomatoes have extra taste.


And all originated in South America and Central America with Solanum pimpinellifolium and its tiny, tiny crimson fruit, a relative of the lethal nightshade (and of the potato and the eggplant) however not poisonous itself.

One remaining phrase. It’s empirically correct to say that folks aren’t thrilled with the style of recent cultivars and like so-called “heirloom” tomatoes. Be aware this, tomato farmers of Israel. You possibly can’t simply concentrate on the tomato’s survivability in situations of aridity, temperature, shelf life and so forth. They should style good too.