Bull moose tramples girl in Breckenridge CO yard

A Colorado girl who tried to shoo a younger bull moose from her yard Saturday night needed to be rushed to a hospital after the moose trampled her, KCNC reviews.

The Breckenridge girl in her 50s thought the moose was stopping folks from getting out of their car and tried to move it along about 6 p.m., The Denver Submit reported.


“She ended up getting too shut and was attacked,” mentioned Randy Hampton, spokesman for the northwest area of Colorado Parks and Wildlife, in line with the publication.

The girl suffered damaged bones, KCNC reported. Wildlife officers euthanized the moose in accordance with the company’s rules.

“Anytime we’ve a state of affairs the place an animal exhibits aggression and injures an individual, the coverage is that animal is put down,” Hampton mentioned, The Denver Submit reported. “Once they develop into aggressive towards folks, many of the analysis exhibits it’s more likely to occur once more.”


On Tuesday, a person in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, reported being knocked down by a moose whereas strolling at evening, The Steamboat Pilot reported. He screamed, horrifying off the moose.

“Apart from being sore and having moose hoof marks on my jacket, I’m unscathed,” mentioned Leon Steinberg, in line with the publication.

Earlier in March, a girl in Breckenridge received a citation after a video confirmed her attempting to pet a moose, which tried to kick her, CNN reported.


“Annually, extra individuals are attacked by moose than by every other species of wildlife,” District Wildlife Supervisor Elissa Slezak says in a video on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife web site.

Wildlife officers advise that moose don’t have a lot concern of individuals, however bulls might be aggressive and territorial at occasions, in line with the location. It’s finest to steer clear of them.

“You need to make noise, bang some pots and pans, keep in your porch, and simply don’t give it a motive,” Hampton mentioned, The Denver Submit reported. “The easiest way to get a moose to go away is to present it sufficient house that it leaves by itself.”


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