At a Chinese language cemetery, scientists uncover a number of the oldest proof of pot smoking / Boing Boing

Greater than 2,500 years in the past in western China, folks in mourning gathered at a cemetery for a ritual that concerned getting excessive from hashish crops burning in picket pots. It is seemingly that they have been attempting to speak with spirits. From Science News:

Proof of this observe comes from Jirzankal Cemetery in Central Asia’s Pamir Mountains, says a group led by archaeologist Yimin Yang of the College of Chinese language Academy of Sciences in Beijing. Chemical residues on picket burners unearthed in tombs there present a number of the oldest proof thus far of smoking or inhaling hashish fumes, the researchers report on-line June 12 in Science Advances….

East Asians grew hashish beginning no less than 6,000 years in the past, however solely to eat the crops’ oily seeds and make clothes and twine out of hashish fibers. Early cultivated hashish varieties in East Asia and elsewhere, like most wild types of the plant, contained low ranges of THC and different mind-altering compounds.

Yang’s group recognized a chemical signature of hashish on charred plant materials from 10 picket burners, or braziers, present in eight Jirzankal tombs. Chemical indicators of an unusually excessive degree of THC have been discovered inside 9 braziers and on two stones that had been heated and used to burn crops within the braziers.

picture: Xinhua Wu